How it Works

Ever had a long day and felt the need to wind down? Well look no further as we’re here to give you the opportunity to spend an enjoyable time with one of the girls here to heal your daily fatigue!

By choosing both a girl and a course, you get to relax yourself all while cuddling and hugging to your heart’s content!

If you wish to pay extra, you get to choose from one of over 60 different costumes, all of which are, of course, optional. If no costume is chosen, the girl will be wearing their regular uniform.

As you enter our establishment, you will be asked to choose a girl as well as a course. If you have a reservation, please let us know the name that was used to reserve. If not, you will be asked to choose from one of the girls that are currently available. For more information regarding reservations, please read below.

Sanitary Measures

Before starting the course, you will be asked to take basic sanitary precautions. For that purpose, our establishment is equipped with a sink, hand soap, mouth wash, hand sanitizer, air freshener, and a contactless thermometer. We also have fans, air purifiers and a ventilation system for clean air circulation so you can enjoy your time worry-free.

Rules & Regulations

If you are under the age of 18, we cannot employ you nor will you be allowed to benefit from our services.

This is NOT an establishment that offers sexual services.

Backdoor options are strictly forbidden.


Reservations can be made via phone, our official Twitter DM, the girls’ Twitter DM, or LINE. For any inquiries outside of business hours, please send a message via Twitter DM or LINE.

Reservation time

Please make sure to come 5 minutes before your reservation time.

If you expect to arrive late, please send a message in advance via Twitter DM or LINE.

If ever you are late to your reservation by a significant amount of time, your reserved time may end up being shortened.


If you wish to cancel your reservation, please contact us in advance. Failing to contact us in advance or engaging in negligent behavior such as frequent cancellations may result in being banned from making reservations and from entering the establishment.

Forbidden acts

  • Violence or any type of forceful acts towards the girls that would make them feel uncomfortable
  • Verbal abuse towards the girls
  • Engaging in or requesting any kind of sexual activity or favor
  • Exposing the lower half of your body
  • Attempting to undress, or to reach into the girls’ clothing
  • Disturbing the other customers (yelling, unruly behavior…)
  • Engaging in stalker-like behavior such as waiting for the girls to exit the establishment
  • Asking to meet the girls privately outside of the establishment. Exchanging private information is strictly forbidden
  • Recruiting.We take this very seriously and will respond accordingly if you are ever caught attempting to recruit one of the girls
  • Sneaking pictures or secretly recording. A body search will be conducted if you are ever deemed suspicious

If you are caught breaking one of these rules, you will be immediately forced to leave and you will not be refunded. Failure to comply will lead to being reported to the police.

Social Media

  • All Twitter accounts associated with Chiara are monitored in order to protect the girls from those who may attempt to break the above-mentioned rules
  • Twitter is the only social media platform that can be used to contact the girls. Do not expect a reply outside of their work hours as it is their private time. Their private social media accounts cannot be asked for nor can they be revealed.
  • DMs are left open to facilitate making reservations. It can be a great tool to get to know the girls better for those who plan on visiting. They will not, however, engage in regular conversations with those who do not plan on coming.
  • Images of the girls and any other images belonging to Chiara may not be saved, published or reproduced without permission. If you wish to use any of our images, please contact us in advance.
  • Strict action will be taken against those who post slander or false rumors of anyone at Chiara. We will not hesitate to take legal action.

Going on a date

  • You can only go on a date with girls with whom you have had the opportunity to spend time with before
  • For the safety of the girls, they will be bringing along with them a GPS tracker during the entirety of the date
  • For the same reason above, please refrain from entering a private room together away from the public eye
  • Karaoke dates are allowed as long as the girl agrees to it
  • You cannot take the girl out on a date using your own vehicle (Taxi or public transportation is allowed)
  • Please make sure to return to the establishment within the time limit. You will be charged extra even if you go over the time limit by a little bit.
  • It is your responsibility to pay for all expenses incurred during the date such as food, transportation, and so on.
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